Sunday, January 29, 2012

Doll pillow Emma with soft love heart

Meet Emma. She is a lovely doll - pillow waiting to be hugged. She is very soft, filled with fine polyester fiberfill. Look at her cute bunches, are they just adorable? Emma is holding a small heart waiting to give it to you but in the meanwhile she keeps it in her little pocket!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Be happy,
mouhox :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mice and cheese. Home decoration.

I love mice!!!
I handmade this piece of cheese to give them a snack!!!
The cheese measures 7,5"x 5,5"x 3,9" inches.
Τhe green mouse measures 3,5" inches and the orange 3,1" inches.


Mice watch out!!!!!

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Be happy.
mouhox :))

Unique flower pin cushion with soft flower pot as storage space!!!

I made this large pin cushion for a special friend of mine who is a fashion designer.
The large flower at the top gives plenty room to pin and you can use the space inside the flower pot to put your sewing accessories. The trick is that the pot is not a real one but made from foam and then covered with this beautiful floral fabric.
High 6,2inches (16cm), circumference 15,7inches (40cm).

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Keep smiling.

Gentleman penguin Linux handmade art doll

Ladies and gentlemen inspired by the idea of free software and the unique figure of penguins, I would like to introduce you the Tux-Linux gentleman penguin.
This penguin is one of my favourite characters. He is completely handmade by me, including his accessories (stick, bow tie, monocle, top hat). Really enjoyed making it.


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With love.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

If you like monsters, join My monster collection.

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Be happy.

JBoss Tux penguin handmade art doll

This penguin was a custom order for a special friend of mine who uses JBoss application server. I really enjoyed making it and my friend was very satisfied with the result.

If you like this penguin I will be glad to make another especially for you.
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Be happy.

Linux Penguin JavaPunk Tux handmade art doll

Your house or office will never be the same having this penguin around. It measures 13 inches (34 cm) high and the widest part of its belly has a circumference of 27 inches (70 cm).

Thank you for looking!
Custom orders are welcome.

More penguin characters here.

Be happy.